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Irine Digital Apps Factory

Interactive digital apps can be used for multiple purposes.

Interactive, engaging and intuitive digital apps for magazines, newspapers, corporate and marketing communications, sales-enablement, events and meet-ups, annual reports, news-letters, and all types of content specific apps. Feel free to read the posts below for more details.

Academics Apps

Captivate your campus community by turning printed pieces like recruitment brochures, game-day programs, and alumni magazines into engaging, immersive content.

Provide on the fly news to your students, teachers, alumni, community and fans. Create custom branded apps, deliver interactive, engaging experiences anytime, anywhere and improve brand awareness.

Catalogue Apps

Catalogs and eCommerce Apps, when designed in Adobe InDesign, and digitalized by one of the many digital publishing suites we use, bring your apps to life. A well designed and crafted layout not only looks visually pleasing and eye-catching, but also what appeals to end users are the end-less scope of digitalization and in-depth product info and insights available, accounts for high dwell and app consumption periods.

Event Apps

Destination apps have a huge market scope. From Hotels to famous resorts, parks, museums, galleries, you name it, and you’ll find an interesting case for adding value by providing your guests and visitors and virtual and digital guide.

In the destination mobile app market evolves rapidly, we offer customisation and branding, flexibility of the approach and dozens of interactive features, social sharing and data driven analytic study of end user behaviour.

Sales Enablement Apps

Drive sales and measure the impact on your business. -Gain absolute freedom over campaign management and optimization: defin your own pace and rates, instantly introduce changes by making data-driven optimization decisions. Equip sales representatives with access to your latest presentations, price lists, product information, and proposals.

Communication Apps

Deliver your annual report, brochures, brand and retail materials and other marketing collaterals through a mobile experience that impacts business results.

From annual sustainability report, to in-house employee communication systems or mailers. Keep your company connected with employee communication tools delivered in a secure, internally distributed mobile app. Push HR info, training materials or company news that employee actually read.

Digital Books

DMF creates interactive digital editions for authors and book publishers, across channels and devices. Support for Fixed-layout ePUBs for eReaders, re-flowable-layout ePUBs, iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad, Android Apps, Branded Web Readers. With your brand ebook reader apps, your customers can have uniform user experience across different devices and platforms. Also, the reading/learning data stored (Eg. Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, etc.,) by the users are synchronised on the cloud for anytime, anywhere and any device access.

Digital Newspaper Apps

Publishers can integrate their app with an existing database of users or print subscribers. With in-app purchases and subscriptions, your app generates new revenue streams. Our set of interactive newspaper templates, interactive features, gaming enrichments and automation process account for time and cost effective work-flows . With powerful engagement tools like push notifications and message management, you can easily communicate with your readers and build a sense of community.

Digital Magazine Apps

Irine Digital Factory (DMF) specializes in publishing interactive digital magazine apps across leading tablets, smartphones, hand-held devices and marketing stores. Maximize circulation revenue, cater to global audience, measure end user behavior and engagement, by providing us with print ready InDesign files and all the raw data.